Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Quilt for Spring

Wow, today is the first day of Spring and after temperatures in the mid-70s yesterday, it is now 34 degrees and snowing!

My newest quilt is a gift for my dear friend, Gigi. She may very well be the most amazing woman I know and I adore her completely. Not only is Gigi a mother, a writer, a business owner, and a Tai Chi Master, she's also a breast cancer survivor. I met Gigi shortly after her diagnosis and was amazed at her strength and her spirit. To honor her, I wanted to make her a quilt that reflected her personality.

I chose fabric from the Whimsy by Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller collection. I love the pinks and greens together!

So, tomorrow I will hand deliver this quilt to Gigi and hope it brings her as much happiness as it did for me while I was making it for her.

Because this quilt is special, I backed it with red minky dot.  I think it makes the quilt feel like a big hug!  I initially wanted a pink backing, but I was only able to find light pink minky, which I felt would make the quilt seem like a baby quilt.  On the contrast, I think the red gives it a grown up style.

Some people choose to wash their fabrics before they quilt, however I prefer to work with unwashed fabric.  This can be tricky if you've got a quilt with both white and bright colors all going into the wash after its completion.  Especially that red minky dot, which can bleed all over your bright whites and turn them pink.  Have no fear!

SC Johnson has a great product, Shout Color Catcher,  that traps dyes in the wash and keeps them from depositing onto lighter fabrics.  For this lap size quilt, I used about 5 Color Catcher cloths and it kept my whites totally bright!

This is what the cloth looks like before...

...and after.

Happy Spring!


  1. Wow! So informative. I happen to have some of the Shout Color Catcher in the closet and now will trust it completely!!!--CL

  2. LOVE the quilt! The Shout Color Catchers are amazing... I don't prewash either.

    Jennifer :)